May 25, 2017

Can Radon Affect those around Me?

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry among many others have linked the toxic gas Radon to lung cancer ( While many homeowners are becoming more aware of the negative effects of Radon exposure in the home, not enough are aware of the effects it can have on those around them.


Currently, there are approximately 6 million homes in the U.S. that are exposed to dangerous levels of Radon, and in some parts of the country, such as Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Radon levels are higher than most. This can often lead to the exposure of Radon for some citizens outside of their homes. Whether that be frequently visiting close family and friends, going to school, or simply visiting local businesses in town.


Although a lot of this information can sound negative, there is good news: there is a way to solve the problem. According to the American Journal of Public Health,  The most powerful approach for reducing the public health burden of radon for non-smokers is public communication efforts that promote residential radon testing (


Thankfully There are many companies all over the U.S. that offer Radon Mitigation. In Sioux Falls, where Radon levels are known to be especially high, Radon Crew, owned by Sam Quaintance, provides Radon mitigation at an affordable price. To make this long story short; eliminating Radon can positively affect not only your family and loved ones but your community as well!