How Radon Forms
January 27, 2017

How Radon Forms

What is radon exactly, and where does it come from? Contrary to popular belief, Radon is not formed or produced as a commercial product, but instead, radon comes from the natural breakdown of Uranium, usually found in natural elements, such as soil and rock, but it can also occur in well water, thus causing radon to spread through a specific area.

Here in Sioux Falls, Radon Crew can do a test for radon, provide information on radon dangers and radon side effects, and can also provide multiple opportunities for low cost radon removal, but not only that, fast and affordable radon removal as well.

Depending on house and market conditions, the cost to mitigate radon can be high, but Radon Crew is a radon removal company in Sioux Falls that provides low radon mitigation costs to not only keep your home away from radon dangers, but to also provide affordable radon removal at a cost-efficient price.

Side effects of radon due to radon exposure can include persistent coughing, wheezing, heavy breathing, and lung infections, among other side effects. Why take a chance on an involuntary luxury in Sioux Falls?

A test for radon in Sioux Falls is affordable through Radon Crew, and we guarantee the removal of radon from your home fast and efficient, and also at an affordable cost. While radon mitigation may not seem like a necessity, removing radon can save future headaches, time, and stress.

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