When Is The Right Time to Test For Radon?
October 19, 2021

When Is The Right Time to Test For Radon?

If you are familiar with the dangers of radon gas, you surely understand why testing for radon is so vital to the health of you and your family. In fact, radon has a causal link to lung cancer, presenting an imminent risk to those in exposed environments.

With this knowledge, you may understandably be wondering how to detect radon in your home or office. When is the right time to test for radon? Are there any indicators that can tip you off to the presence of this deadly gas? Keep reading to hear the technicians at Radon Crew share how and when to test for radon. 

If You Are Wondering If It’s Time…It’s Time

The EPA recommends testing for radon every two years. This suggestion stands for every home, office, and shared space, regardless of when the building was constructed. If you have never tested your space for radon, then the right time to test for radon is absolutely now

Unfortunately, radon is extremely difficult to detect. It is odorless, colorless, and leaves no obvious trace of its presence. This means that radon could be present in your home right now – putting you and your loved ones in danger – and you’d never know it.

Therefore, if you are debating whether it might be time to test for radon – that probably means it’s time.

How Do You Test for Radon?

Due to the illusive nature of radon, it cannot be reliably detected by simple at-home tests. You won’t be able to pick out certain odors or visible effects. The only surefire way to obtain accurate radon concentration levels of a building is to consult a radon professional who can administer a test with the proper equipment.

Scheduling an appointment for a radon technician is fast and easy, so don’t miss your opportunity to safeguard your home.

Is Radon Testing Really Urgent?

There may be a temptation to think that your radon testing can wait another year or two. After all, can the radon conditions of your building really be urgent?

Short answer: yes.

This is because the conditions of the radon environment can change rapidly due to a variety of factors. Even if the building in question was constructed recently, cross contamination can occur from surrounding buildings. HVAC systems and home dryers can also influence the radon concentration in a building, so changes or updates to these systems can affect radon levels considerably.

There are also building materials, such as concrete and stone, that can emit radon. During renovations, these elements can be introduced into a building and pose a new threat.

Buildings that house many people are of particular concern – if you have a large family, or operate an office or public space, the radon concentration could be putting many people at risk. The best time to test for radon…is right now.

Radon Crew Will Help You Through

The radon experts at Radon Crew not only test for radon, but are also able to install the right system to remove it from your home or business. Radon Crew offers a host of testing processes differing in duration, budget, and depth of analysis, depending on your needs. 

We will gladly help you evaluate the options and guide you towards the best solution for your project. Radon Crew understands how to keep you and your associates safe from radon, regardless of the age of the building in question. Contact us today to get started and know for sure that you’re safe from radon.