Why You Can’t Put Off Radon Testing Until Next Year
January 14, 2022

Why You Can’t Put Off Radon Testing Until Next Year

Homeowners and building managers undergo a slew of code requirements and tests on an annual basis. With a host of systems to maintain and monitor, including your furnace, A/C, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, septic, etc., it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Some things can be put off until next year, right?

While your pipes may be functional for another year, there is one thing you cannot and should not wait until next season to test: the radon level of your home. What is the importance of radon testing, and why is it so urgent? Radon Crew explains why scheduling a radon test is absolutely vital to the safety of your home or business.

Radon Is Illusive

As a colorless, odorless gas, radon is impossible to detect without the right resources. Leaving no obvious trace, radon can linger in a building for long periods of time without ever being noticed until it begins to cause harm. This could mean that radon is present in your space right now.

The only way to be absolutely sure about the level of radon in your home or building is to schedule an appointment with a radon professional who can utilize the proper testing equipment.

Radon Is Harmful

So, radon is hard to detect. But why the urgency? Most importantly, radon testing cannot be delayed because of the potential harm it can inflict on you and your family or co-workers.

Radon gas is formed from the decaying of uranium and radium in soil and groundwater. This gas has been shown to cause lung cancer, and is actually the leading cause of the disease in non-smokers, according to the EPA. With this potential risk at hand, delaying your radon test another year could spell disaster for those that occupy the space.

Radon Conditions Are Always in Flux

It might seem that if your building is relatively new, your risk of radon contamination is lower. However, this is sadly untrue. Construction can actually create more harmful radon conditions due to earthmoving and the fact that some building materials naturally release the gas.

Even if your neighbors have tested recently, the conditions of your particular space could be different. Due to pressure and temperature, gases can behave differently in one space from another. Radon conditions are constantly changing, so getting your space tested this year is the only way to ensure you are safe.

Test for Radon This Year with Radon Crew

To ensure your safety, the professionals at Radon Crew not only test for radon, but are also able to install the right system to remove it from your home or business. Radon Crew offers a host of testing processes differing in duration, budget, and depth of analysis, depending on your needs. 

We will help you find the best solution for your situation. Radon Crew is dedicated to keeping you and those you care about safe from radon contamination, regardless of the age of the building in question. Contact us today to get started and know for sure that you’re safe from radon.