July 15, 2016

No Level is Safe

The scariest factor about Radon gas is that is undetectable without a test. You cannot see it, smell it, taste it—it is hidden to the human senses. There is no static charge. It does not react in chemical tests. It is undeniably dangerous.

Radon gas causes one of the deadliest forms of lung cancer and is too often overlooked. After smoking, radon gas exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths. There are over 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year because of Radon.

One realtor—who admitted to not being persistent in his radon test recommendations—suffered from radon gas exposure himself. His own home was infiltrated by this vicious gas. He learned how underestimated the gas is and now strongly encourages each of his clients to test their homes.

Another important and interesting fact you must consider is that no amount of radon gas has been deemed safe, even at the lowest level. If you are considering home ownership in the midwest in specific, we press you to test your home. It is impossible to “seal out” radon gas. Radon gas becomes exposed through pressure changes between the soil and indoors—especially pressure changes related to temperature. With dramatic climate changes in the midwest (both because of the winters and summers), home temperatures increase and decrease dramatically, and thus so does radon exposure. This is a serious and life-threatening matter. It has killed far more people than even carbon monoxide (c.o. death toll is only 300, nothing compared to radon’s 21,000).

It is time to take action: check your home. Be safe. Don’t be sorry.