July 28, 2016

The Thrill Of Entrepreneurship

It is a risky venture. Courageous, thrilling and rewarding – but nonetheless, terrifying and uncertain. Waking up each morning unsure of what the future holds – more so, the day – is a process each entrepreneur must not only accept, but embrace if he or she wishes to be successful. Failure and rejection are irrefutable in this type of lifestyle; however, the entrepreneur must learn to awaken each dawn with a fresh sense of being, unphased by the setbacks of the previous day and willing to tackle the current day’s challenges.

Sam Quaintance has this tick – this rare, desirable quality that makes him itch for more when faced with obstacles. The founder of Radon Crew, Sam strives to protect the health of homeowners by eliminating the perilous chemical Radon from hundreds of homes and preventing its future presence among his customers. With an unmatched mission to work tirelessly and ambitiously for his customers, a driven and hardworking team, and a company that serves the good of all homeowners, Sam owns an organization with all the potential, customer-loyalty, and passion that would ensure a successful entrepreneur.

Each day comes with its battles, however. Similar to any startup, Radon Crew still faces rejection and must push through to find the silver lining. Sam is aware of his failures – but he smiles anyway. He decides to learn how to improve from mistakes and make the best of any situation by reminding himself why he started in the first place. And at the end of the day, Sam’s desire to help others trumps the sting of failure every time.