August 4, 2016

Prevent the Silent Killer

She thinks to herself… For goodness sake, he works out daily, he eats his vegetables, he doesn’t even smoke — how could this have happened? In her hands she grasps the results of her husband’s test results. Tears streaming down her face, in disbelief, she reads the results once more… POSITIVE: Stage 3 Lung Cancer.


We are all exposed to Radon — each and every day. It is in the air we breath. Although, for many people, we are exposed to low enough levels that our body can flush out the toxin without harm. Radon is a gas released from the decay of uranium, thorium and radium in the soil. When it is inhaled the tiny particles damage the cells that line the lung. Radon creeps into your home through cracks in walls and in the foundation. If your home is on soil rich in those elements, than the tighter sealed the house is – potentially the more radon that gets stuck inside — all undetected. Radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless — it’s invisible.


Testing is the only way to know if your home has elevated levels of Radon.


You don’t have to feel helpless. You can prevent the silent killer. Radon Crew has various tests that differ in length and cost to suit your needs. We do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Call the Crew today and let’s rid your home of Radon: 605-336-1000.