September 20, 2017

Radon Disclosure

Are you looking to buy or sell a home right now? Or even in the future? Either way, radon should be on your mind. It’s very important to know whether or not there are high levels of radon present in your home. 

Minnesota and South Dakota have a radon disclosure law. This means that during a real estate transaction, the seller must disclose any and all known radon levels or testing results. Where this becomes difficult is if they have never tested for radon. In this case, you will not know. If there is a radon presence in the home, the sellers are required to include a warning in the sale contract or documents.

If you are buying a home, this is something you need to ask about right away. If it ends up that they haven’t done any testing, you may want to ask the sellers to do a test before making an agreement. On the other side, as a seller, it will make your home much more sellable if you can say you have tested for radon and mitigated any high levels, if present. Reach out to Radon Crew to get your home tested today!

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