March 23, 2016

Spruce Up Your Space: It’s Garage Time!

Your car called—it wants the garage cleaned!

Our final stop on the house tour is the garage. Although some may not view this as a part of the house, it’s still a place you frequent throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to pull into a clean and orderly garage after a long day’s work? Plus—now’s the time to clean off all of the crusted road salt and dirt from the snowy months. Make your garage floor clean enough to eat off of! Ok, maybe don’t eat off of it, but you get the point.

As we’ve mentioned before, toss the clutter. Your garage doesn’t want it just as much as you don’t. Throw away old shovels, deflated basketballs, rusty unused tools, and that old baseball glove in the bin. It’s time to part with the things that you haven’t used in the past 5 years. This is a tedious process, but it only spruces up the space the way you want it!

Our next order of business is cleaning your mess of a garage floor. Start by moving all of the cars and large items out of the premise so you have full access to cleaning. Sweep the floor thoroughly—this will make mopping easier. Next, fill a bucket up with warm water and just a few drops of dish soap. Grab a squeegee and scrub away. It may take awhile depending on how much dirt has accumulated over the winter months. Empty the dirty bucket and refill as necessary. Warning! You may be surprised with how quickly the bucket fills with dirt. Make sure you let the floors fully dry before pulling the cars back in.

If you’re feelin’ it, you could do a little organizing of your stuff. It always makes us feel better putting things a bit more in order, but no pressure.

Another reminder…we’re still here at Radon Crew to answer all of your questions about this deadly gas that could be lurking around your home. Please, don’t wait any longer to ease your worries. Call us today and we will put you on our calendar and keep your family safe and healthy! Ask for Sam at Radon Crew: (605) 336-1000

Next week is our last installment of this blog series. Although we’re done with the spring cleaning tips, stay tuned for a thought-provoking post on how Radon has been linked to Alzheimer’s among other life threatening diseases.